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Sharing pages with friends

Hey all -

One of the pages inside our app is a collection of a bunch of data for the current user. We’d like the current user to share their data page with friends (so friends can see the current user’s data).

How would we go about doing this? Right now, if you sent the friend to the page, they wouldn’t see anything because the data is for the “current user.” In an ideal world, we’d be able to create a “copy or replica” of the data page that the current user can then share with friends.

Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!

Maybe have a separate page for sharing. That way, the page content would be a User, with everything linking to “Current Pager User.”

Would that work for you?

Learn no code →

You can change the profile page/element to “user”. This allows the page/element to display any users instead of just the current user.

I have built an example for you. You can see the live demo and copy the relevant elements from the Bubble template.

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