Sharing something on facebook

ok, thanks again…i’ll keep trying things out.

Another question on the API Connector plugin setup. I assume the Key “id” value is changed by the value when “(parameter) id” is set to “This url” on page load, correct? So when I setup the API Connector Key value (the URL), how critical is that default value (assuming it gets overwritten by the page loaded workflow). I currently have the value set as
The way my design works, has dynamic values,ie

Do you think that’s causing an issue? Thanks!

Yeah, the default value is just there to get the api call to work the first time. After that the pages can be variable, which why you need to scrape it first, FB hasn’t seen it before.

After that you need to pass the actual page. What you can do is run the page, and then check the linter a little later to see what the “last scrapped” time was.

That might give a clue as to if it is working.

Thanks…I’ve done some google searches on FB cache-clearing. Seems FB cache-clearing isn’t quite “perfected” - people saying they need to do the manual process 2-3 times before the scrape worked. Unfortunate to hear…might try to figure out how to get FB Scrape API to “fire” a couple of times in succession on page load to see if that works but punting that for now…

can i share a pop up element within a page?

If you can recreate the page state using parameters in your URL, then you could.

But you will just get the page, and a pop up, not a popup on its own.

I have not seen that issue. Using the Graph API is pretty common in the world of Social Media Marketing, where you are creating a sharable message on the fly.

What FB will do, of course, is change stuff that breaks your app and doesn’t tell you !

@mohamad.massalha.93 Broh sharing button matters, but if you want to make your products sharable, then you have to apply some techniques to make your most sharable. Here are a few techniques you can follow.