Sharing unique id

After sharing link with unique id can I remove the person access on my page. If yes how can I do that?

What do you mean by access?

Like there is a user and you would like to hide a specific page from them or? Need a lot more context here.

Actually I want to give access to my accounts info to other, so I send a mail to user whom I want to give access for that I share my accounts unique id with the link, now I want to remove that user access from my account but my unique id is already share so the user can access my account any time, this will be the security issue now I want to remove that user How can I do that?

Is there any other way to give access of my account to any user and remove whenever I want?

Yeah so, you should set up some privacy rules around the data type you need to be private.

You can add a rule like, when this data types list of approved users contains current user, and then make the fields visible etc.

Then you can just add or remove users from that list of approved users :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You