Shift data up in an RG if datapoint is empty

I am using a Repeating Group to display information from multiple companies but when it comes to some categories of data, each company has a different combination of data points.

How can I formulate the RG fields to display data when that company has it for a particular datapoint but to shift up the next datapoint if the first one is blank, and on down the list?

There are four possible categories but no company has more than 3 of them with data.

Solved: I used collapsing groups for both the titles (on the left) and the values (on the right). The image I used above in my example was a rendering of what I wanted my results to look like and I had to use a series of And/Or statements in the conditional’s of the divider shapes to have them appear or not so they only appear between elements, and not above or below the top or bottom element.