Shift Element Count

I have a fake “PDF” created in bubble, using a number field for page number and a text field for content. These are displayed within a repeating group. The issue I am having, is that I want to be able to ‘insert’ a new page mid-way in the big list of pages. For example, I have 6 ‘pages’:

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

where each are a data entry. what I want to know is how to insert a new data entry, replacing the page # field and shift all entries’ page numbers above where I want to insert a data entry. So, if I want to create a new entry in between page 3 and page 4, the new repeating group would look like

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3 ← Newly created data entry
Page 4 ← Previously Page 3
Page 5 ← Previously Page 4
Page 6 ← Previously Page 5
Page 7 ← Previously Page 6

Can this be done via scheduled workflows? or an easier way through normal workflows?

Do each of your “pages” exist in your database with a page # number field?

Assuming you have a data type called PAGE and PAGE has field NUMBER as a number field.

Start a workflow. Then within the workflow your first action should be “Make changes to a list of things” Set the Data Type to be PAGE. Then set the “list to change” to "Do a search for PAGE (sort it by NUMBER and set descending = “no”):item’s from (whatever stores the value of the new page number ex: Input page number’s value). Then set the field that you are going to change to NUMBER and set that equal to this PAGE’s NUMBER + 1.

Then add another action to create a new thing and create a new page with the desired page number and text.

One last thing, on your repeating group make sure you are sorting it by NUMBER and its not descending.

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