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Shift to coding application from Bubble

Is it possible to transfer User type related data to coding app from Bubble?

We are creating an app in Bubble, and planning to shift to a coding app only when our app fits our market. However, there is a concern about data transfer.
We understand that users of our app need to create a password again in the coding app, because Bubble’s password is stored in Bubble database.

In this case, what will happen on the data which is related to User type?
For example, in case we create Twitter like app with Bubble, “favorite” and “DM” are related to User type. Is it possible to reconstruct the relation between such data and users data in the coding app? If it is not possible, our users will lose their “favorite” and “DM” records…

My question might be a primitive one, but your kind support would be highly appreciated.
This is very important point for us if we can start from Bubble or not.

Thank you!

for some added info on Export/ GET process of migrating data OUT of bubble’ds DB

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Yes, it is. And it is not as hard as it looks.

  1. Migrate your users to your new app;
  2. See their new “ID”;
  3. Create an excel table with that relation using your users email (email | old_id | new_id);
  4. Download all your Bubble app database and use Excel to change the old ID by the new ID;
  5. Upload the result to your new app database;

I made this myself when needed to migrate my old app to Bubble. Works perfectly.

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@rpetribu Thank you so much for your kind explanation!
Please let me ask another question. .
In that case, may I understand that my new app will need to detect if each user is an existing user from Bubble or an new user?
I understand that existing users who already have ID in my database should not register their email while new users have to register their email. Is my following idea workable?

  1. Put “sign up” and “login” in the new app
  2. Existing uses try to “login”, and then there are three cases.
  • Input email is existing in my database but has no password for the new app, I will direct the user to the page which users can set a new password in.
  • Input email is existing in my database and also has password, I will direct the user as usual login function.
  • Input email is not existing in my database, I will show the message “invalid email” and direct to sign up page.

It would be awesome if you could share how you did in your past case.
I’m not an coding engineer, so I appreciate your kind support.

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