Shipping on Stripe Checkout Sessions 👍

I’m fairly active with keeping up on Stripe’s changes, so I’m surprised I missed this. But, am I the only one that realized that Shipping Rates are available on Checkout Sessions? :smile: :+1:

*This is using a custom integration. Not Bubble’s plugin.


Is it possible to activate the Shipping Address field on the stripe v.3 checkout? If so, how?? Thanks everyone!

@edvinnystrom01 I don’t believe this is a feature in the Bubble v3 version as of now. The above is a custom integration.

Ok! Is to possible to customize your checkout page? Check out the link below and scroll down to “Shipping address collection”. Do you think its possible to get that feature? It seems that you need to add some code, but where? Thanks @lantzgould :slight_smile:

Well, yes. The image above is what I built. :slight_smile:

You can do this too using the Bubble plugin, “API Connector”.

You can update the branding and color scheme of your checkout in your Stripe Dashboard. This can be found in Stripe > Settings > Checkout.

Oh, okay. Thank you so much! Have a great day!! :slight_smile:

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@edvinnystrom01 if still needed, I published the above into a simple plugin.