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Shopping cart : how to register in a database how many time an item was ordered in one order?

Hello everyone, I’ve been struggling with this particular thing for weeks now, if anybody can help me that would be a blessing :pray:

I’ve been trying to built a shopping app from scratch (no templates) , where customers would tend to order an article multiple times in the same order (exemple : my customer wants to buy 3 apples). I’ve been following multiple tutorials on youtube and bubble acadamy about how to build a marketplace, and everything is working, except one thing :

When the cart is validated, the order that I manage to register in the database keeps track of what items has been ordered, but not the quantity ordered of the said items.

This is a problem because in doing so, even if I know the total price they had to pay, I do not know if the cart was 8 apples and 10 bananas, or 17 apples and 1 banana, and thus I don’t know what I need to ship to the customer.

I would really appreciate any help !

here’s some of the tutorials I’ve been following :

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