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Shopping Cart Tied to User’s Owned Store’s Customer

I have created an order management online application in which a User Type has an “Owned Store” field which is a “Store” Type. “Store” Data Type has a field that includes “Customers” field, which is also a data type. “Customer” Type has customer information field as well as an “Shopping Cart” field, which is a data type. “Shopping Cart” type has quantity, price, and list of products fields.

I’m having a hard time building a shopping cart for each user’s owned store’s customers. I would like for them to select from their database of customers and add items to a temporary cart on a product catalog page. Then, once they are ready to continue they proceed to view cart of their selected customer. I have most of it built out and functioning. My main issue is that I can’t figure out a way to tie items “added to cart” to a customer’s specific shopping cart (user’s owned store’s shopping cart".

I’m happy to share more information. I’m considering moving on from this and going back to a user shopping cart that then they can pull customer information to complete the order on behalf of the customer at checkout. However, I thought that a temporary cart that enables the user to switch between customers was a nice feature.

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