Shopping Cart with Customizable Products

Hi there again,

thanks for the advice, I tried it and it worked! But now I am faced with the next challenge that I cannot solve on my own. What I am basically trying to build is a shopping cart function for the website with the individualized products (chosen in three steps). Since Prices will vary, I tried changing the current Users Price in each step how you explained it to me in the previous reply and it worked out well!

I can also show a summary of the answers with your help, but in the next step, I want to add this product to a shopping cart (save it) and give the user the option to start the three-step process all over again without dismissing the the answers from before (which would ideally be in the shopping cart). Since it will be a personalized product with many combinations, I do not think that Shoprocket would be very efficient for me.

Can you please help me out again?

If I can make this problem clearer to you, please let me know.

Thanks in advance, you’re great!!