ShopRocket Buy Button does NOT appear in Workflows Elements

I just signed up for Shoprocket and got everything set up, however in Workflows > Elements, the Shoprocket button I just created on my page does NOT appear anywhere in the retrieved Elements list, so I cant add it.

I can add a normal buy button as a element, but then I try to integrate Shoprocket via ‘‘Dynamic Data’’ but it also does NOT appear in any dynamic data list.

Please help.


It’s normal, the button is an element that already has a behavior attached to it, showing the checkout form.

You’re totally right, somehow I missed that.

What I am trying to figure out is how to send SMS text’s after a customer just paid (with shoprocket>stripe), I’m kind of lost since, in my workflow, I cant select shoprocket as a element and then > send text message.

Do you have any suggestion as what element I could have in my workflow that launches my send textmessage flow after a customer just paid?

Our integration doesn’t let you do that, given how ship rocket works right now.

Is there any other way to send sms texts after customers paid? Maybe with stripe or braintree?

Yeah, because then it’s an action, so you can have another action in the workflow.

But what action is there or could there be after someone paid?
Now I get referred to a 404 page after somebody paid.

I removed shoprocket and integrated Stripe now by integrating their checkout by the piece of checkout form code they give, and that works, it displays the blue ‘‘pay with card’’ button and its checkout form, like you see on this screenshot.

But after entering your creditcard, other information and paying, I get referred to a 404 page. (its a dutch one, I’m from the Netherlands), it just says the page cant be displayed.

You can see the website adress it links to after somebody paid.

How do I fix this problem?

You shouldn’t use any code Stripe provide. Just use the charge current user action.

I initially tried that, but it gets a error saying ‘‘a email is needed to complete the transaction’’ - thats why I went to integrate that Stripe code to get that checkout form they provide, its also why I signed up for Shoprocket.

Well it says you need an email you should add that to your app, and not try to hack something with their code. Especially for payment, this requires server-side stuff to be secure.

That’s the point, even though I have a email form, that error still comes up, I need a checkout form like the one above, (wich their snippet code provided).

‘‘Charge the current user’’ doesnt work without a email form.

It does, that means you haven’t set the right value of the email field at the action level. If you use the debugger you’ll see.

I’ve put ‘‘current user’s email’’.

Please just tell me how to integrate Stripe, I’m trying to figure it how to implement a payment solution for 3 days now and the how to integrate it part of it cant be found anywhere in the documentation. Just the explanations of the terms.

Is the user logged in?

No,Its just a app where you put in your name, phone number, press pay button to pay with stripe, and then it sends SMS Texts after a customer has paid.

That’s your problem. Add an input and change the field email to the value of that input.

Using the debugger would have helped you solve that.

That seemed to work, but now there is this error message that comes up each time when you put in your email, phone number, and click on the buy button.

In the debugger, I get exactly the same and it happens exactly after the ‘‘charge current user’’ step.

This is the current workflow.

Are the keys correct?

Wow, it finally worked!! The mistake was that there are 2 ‘‘charge the current user’’ 's actions that are named the same, in the same window in the actions tab. one for braintree and one for Stripe, I was operating under the one for braintree and not Stripe’s. I changed it to Stripe’s and now it works!

Honestly I can jump of joy right now because it finally works, thank you so much for your help!!

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Shoot, when trying to make a live payment it now it says that I did not set a valid publishable key. Call Stripe.setPublishableKey() with your publishable key.

Even though I did add my key to the Plugins API section, I even got a new key to make sure.