Short Feedback Loop

The incredible thing with bubble is the fact that startups now have the ability to shorten their feedback loop. This is exactly the case with my product and when I launched 11 days ago with what I thought were great features, I was excited to receive great feedback from this and many other communities. Typically the next step would be to consolidate all of the feedback and then spend a few weeks – months making changes to the product. With bubble, that two month period turned into 5 days of on and off iterating, to better the product.

This is why I am thrilled to announce SimplePitch V2, a free way for anyone to pitch anything using the power of the web, specifically pitch sites. We originally launched SimplePitch with a way for entrepreneurs to pitch investors using Simple landing pages, but when we looked at our customer-base and feedback, we realized that SimplePitch was much bigger then just startups. We also realized that expecting someone to pay for a product this early on was not a fair assumption and was preventing new users from signing up. We also added a demo site on our landing page, so new visitors can visualize and interact with a pitch site before committing to creating their own as well as enabled users to create custom questions and answers on our FAQ page.

In just one week we tweaked and iterated our product into something that I believe is much better. The power of a short feedback loop can not be underestimated and is one of the most important hidden features that bubble has to offer.


Nice project. You should offer a cname domain for whitelabeling.

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I really want to offer a cname domain for my app but have no idea how, any tips?


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Good idea, I have never looked into it so unfortunately I can’t provide tips

Very cool

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