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Short list vs Metadata - efficiency/Google penalty cost?

Fellow Bubblers:

I’m brand new in using any no code software.

What is the best practice to handle data types with a short list? In Data or Workflow or both?
Create the short list of values (How?) or create a metadata table with the list of values in Bubble Data (How to access this list of values from another table)?


What do you mean by ‘short list,’ what is it you wish to store?

Thank you for responding, nfisher!

I have an Account “table” in Data with Account Type (with a short list of values like “Volunteer”, “Admin”, “Other”). Depending on the Type, I want to bring up a different page.

I’d recommend creating an option set for these. So an option set called “Account Type” with those values.

On the User data type, you’d have an “accountType” data field where the type is “Account Type” (linking back to the option set).

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You should use option sets for this kind of user type categorisation.

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Thank you, Nocodify!!!

Thank you, nfisher!


Do I create a new attribute for each value like “Admin”, “Volunteer”, etc.?

No, just options.

Yep, essentially options that are like list of things that are loaded with any page they’re included on

So if you have an option set for roles, create a new option for each role in that set

For attributes, that is so you can associate different pieces of information with each option

As an analogy, think of attributes as a different field for data types.

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This tutorial should help: Navigation for User Roles


Thank you, jared.gibb!

Thank you again, Nocodify!