Shortening URLs to display in a RG

Dear All,

I have a repeating group of field type File. While I do want users to click on the link to download, the URL is just too long to easily fit in the RG cell.
While the file name can be customised, is there a way to shorten the “ttps://” and what appears to be a uniqueid after that before it even gets to the file name? Obviously each link text still needs to be unique.

Many thanks


I personally wouldn’t bother to display the URL itself as it probably doesn’t mean anything to the user who is going to see it displayed in the RG whether they uploaded it or not.

I would instead just show the file name.

When using a link element you can display the file name but the actual URL is used for the navigation part.

Or maybe have a generic ‘view in new tab’ or ‘view image’ text displayed.


Sorry for the late reply but thanks Boston!

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