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Should I change index for beta launch?

Looking for tips here. I have a different home page I want to use temporarily for the beta (jailed page, request access form instead of standard login header, etc). Do you recommend:

  • Using the “Make this page new index” action, then repeating to switch back to current index post-beta?


  • Using a shape overlay and/or a bunch of conditional logic/states to hide standard elements and show beta elements?

Curious what others have done…

As long as everything else is intact, I don’t see any issues of switching index.

What made you post the topic?

Wasn’t sure if the “Make this page new index” action was meant to be a one-time thing, what with SEO concerns, etc.

I guess so, in the sense you have one index page, but the change function has been made available for easy switch. your index should be recognisable for your users and clients, so suggest you keep the same theme.

Clone the index page, restructure it the way you want but keep theme, and keep workflows to avoid bad UX.

I can’t see it should have any effect on SEO, as long as you copy everything over. I’m not 100% here and I invite others to comment.

Makes sense, thanks much!

I added a dedicated page with a redirect basically: is index with all sign up forms showing beta sign up or a button redirect that has a dedicated page for Beta waiting list that counts sign ups

Also have a non-linked page for “exclusive sign ups”

This way hopefully, just send the hidden link to potential clients, adding Beta User sign ups in a controlled manner.

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