Should I even use Bubble for this example in post?

I’m in marketing and sales monster
There’s not a product on the face of the earth that I can’t turn into making money if it’s legitimate and I can be supported I know how to market I know how to do market research data analysis I’m good at what I know

My company and I’m responsible today for 150 employee/ I have an incredible database
I’ve been doing Analytics for 20 years in Excel spreadsheets

A number of years ago I got involved in some proprietary software for marketing and sales
CRM / sQL Database but don’t let me fool you I’m no programmer

In fact. working at both a very large corporation and then the second organization before venturing out on my own I’ve seen millions of dollars spent on software development never got off the ground

I’m not about to learn a lesson personally when I’ve seen it done under my own eyes
Meaning I’ve seen money go out I have the window and down the drain in software development

I vowed a number of years ago not to do it

But now the time has come , clearly in this market place , with machine learning technology and AWS type
Offerings that I need to take my brain and couple it with the best technology available I’m vaguely familiar with some of the things that are available out there concerning APIs APIs / for example I’ve been using voice over IP on my own Asterix server for 10 years
I have in my head and on paper the best CRM and marketing automation tool that the world has ever seen

The only reservation I have right now in hiring 15 programmers and getting it off the ground is I don’t want to do it like that

Because anything that I have ever been good at requires me to put my fingers inside the machine as it’s being built so then when it’s running I know exactly what isn’t working and I know how the machine was built and I can start fixing so I’m not going to do what the world says I should do I’m going to do what I think I should do and I think I should try to build my own software now the question is where should I start his bubble the right place into that extent I’m non-technical so keep that in consideration
I know for a fact that I could sell hundreds of people my brain in regards to marketing in the automation any CRM with Webhooks into various applications in this world it would be dynamic

In fact I’m in the final negotiation with a company to do a white label deal with me but again I don’t want to
Not be a part of everything from the ground up I have no specific time frame requirements that I need to get something off the ground other than the obvious that the world doesn’t stop moving every day so with that being said if you wanted to do it like me which means be the person who knows exactly what the system should be designed to do and keep in mind I am NOT a programmer

is this what I’m looking to accomplish into that extent can I take my
Universe U2 database and import it into something like this?

Essentially I want to be able to have a username and password based web application with obviously mobile application

There’s a very specific niche that are you know I could corner the market with a tool such as this

So my question is if I wanted to design my own CRM/marketing/funnel/dialer etc is this the right platform ?and if not what would be ? and to that extent regardless I’m still going to use bubble for some other ideas that I have in my leisure time

If you read this whole thing I want to let you know that I appreciate everything you’re doing and I assume the people that read those are very good and knowledgeable about these things or they wouldn’t be looking for people like me that are lost so I’m not the kind of guy that just put a post out enough for him and never goes back and read it and I’m also not someone that’s going to do anything other than explain in further in great detail where I’m trying to go with us

I’ve already made $$$& in life

I’m in no hurry
I’m not trying to do it cheap but I also don’t want to go learn how to code
And then maybe as I get familiar with this I’d feel more comfortable about hiring a team of 15 or 20 people to do this for me

So what would you do if you were me thank you in advance for your reply

I think you could have built your CRM app in the time you used to write this post. This may be officially the longest post on the forum…

So, yes. Just start by designing all the functionality so you have the rough features written out. Then just start building.


I have to agree…

Best course of action, @texasservices2000, is to not only start- but also begin to locate tutorials and paid courses that will help you to familiarize yourself with the potential but also the practicality. As a teacher new to a lot of this, I found the best thing was a combination of trial and error as well as the digital mentorship of those building things in the “walk through” style so I could get a grasp of ideal vs. reality.

Let me know if you have any questions- would love to help in any way I can.


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Are you out of breath? There’s not a single period in that post. :wink:


Interesting that you bring this up. We are about to release a CRM app template that could do everything you intend to do, and is completely customisable. Happy to share a preview if you are interested.



I like the fact you have already made $$$& in life. Crucial Info

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yes i am interested

how close are you in finishing it /

We already have a beta version ready for the healthcare industry. Modifying that to make it more generic for every industry. Would love to understand if we could collaborate to make the tool better.

can you share this wth me

Will send you a PM in a bit