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Should I go for a mobile app or a bubble app?

I would like to develop a site that would allow people to shop for financial products. But I’m not sure if I should go with bubble or try to develop a mobile app that would run on Android/iOS?

Can I create an Android/iOS app with bubble or does everything that’s created on bubble run as a web app, or basically a website?

This is basically two different questions I am asking here

I hope your question will be answered here:

My quick answer will be to create a responsive site compatible with iOS, Android and Web. The actual size is 320x568 (iphone 6 or more). If you keep everything in the same page and use a lot of Workflows APIs, then people won’t know it’s a website! I hope it helps.

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Thanks John.

Which OS is best for bubble development - windows/Mac/Linux? I have a laptop that runs on Ubuntu.

Does a native app have any advantage over a web app?

Under Chrome sounds to be the best whatever the os. My pref. is Mac :wink:

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Does a native app have any advantage over a web app?

Or is there any point in developing native apps?

The learning curve of developing ios (swift), android and Web. What’s the best way to put out your app on all plateforms in an instant? (imo)

Yes, you can create a responsive web app with bubble, which you can also “wrap” into a container that you can publish to an app store. Bubble has its own learning curve, but it’s not as steep as learning something like native development. One advantage to building with bubble is that when you update your app, you will not have to republish a new version to the app store. It will update itself.

You can go for both with
Supports Android and iOS. You check demo apps and tutorials on the website.


Both, I believe the answers could be augmented by approaching this from the perspective of the customer/user base.