Should this privacy rule really apply?

I’m slightly puzzled by these conditions.
I’m logged in. My user is NOT an admin. I’m trying to view a lead with status “in review”. I tried rewriting the conditions in 2 different ways – option 1 and option 2. Here’s what I expected to happen.

However, the inverse is true – option 1 evaluates to :x: while option 2 evaluates to :white_check_mark:.

It seems to be an issue with the expression parenthesis. I had option 1 in place, turned expression parenthesis off, and expected to see this expression.

What I actually got was:

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You’d think though that Option 2 shouldn’t be affected by parentheses - it’s the same logic whether parentheses rules are followed or if it’s done left to right so a bit puzzling why it wouldn’t show the expected result.

Hey Rico,

Did a test and used the conditions to include/exclude the leads in/from the search:

  • when using option 1 leads with status ‘in review’ are shown;
  • when using option 2 leads with status ‘in review’ are not shown.

Also shouldn’t the x and the v above the statusses be inverted?