Show a list of folders containing specific image

Hi everyone,

I’m building a content-sharing site (think Pinterest), where users are able to upload/share content and save their own and other users posts, to folders. I have a data-type called “blocks” that serves as a post, and can contain various file-types (image, video, 3D, etc.). These blocks can be saved in another data-type called “Folders”.

On the block page, I would like to show a list of all folders that the specific block has been saved to, in order to quickly find similar content. Is this possible, and if so, how?

Thank you!

So you have Folder datatype and it has a list of Blocks in it if I am understanding correctly.

If this is the case, in the block page (or cell), you will just do a Search for Folders and the constraint will be Blocks contains This Page's Block or Blocks contains Current Cell's Block.