Show a list of tasks grouped by category

I am trying to build a task app, each user can create its own tasks and assignes them to categories.
At the moment I managed to show the categories of a user and the underlying task by using a repeating group within a repeating group.

This is how the database I am playing around with looks like.

  • categories list
  • Tasks list


  • category


  • Tasks list

At the moment I can show the results by: RG1 - Type of content: category → data source: current users categories.

My main issue is that if I want to delete a task within a category and it was the last for that category I dont want to display that category anymore.

How can I solve this issue and does my structure make sense? Thanks a lot.

If you put a conditional on the cell for category to hide when the list of tasks is empty then you can achieve this. I made a very similar example where you can create Movie Genre and then add movies to the genre. If there are zero movies in the genre it will collapse.

Here is the example:

Here is the editor:

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