Show Alert / Change Background when value changes/UPDATES


I have a Price Field in DB. When I enter a textfield this price updates and re-calcs. So all fine…
now I want to show user an Alert to give a better feeling. I have too many different workflows etc. So can I not realize that from the Frontend like…

  1. Add insole Input Field
  2. Value = My Price from DB, disable Input
  3. When Input value Changed >>> show an Alert

Why is that not working?


You could have a second hidden group called “old value”

And the system would be that on page load the “old value” and current value are the same, but when they current value is updated, then you can run a workflow [do when thing is true, when old value IS NOT new value] that will update the “old value” and show an alert.

Solved it!

You can do a custom Workflow: “Do every 2 seconds” and another custom “Trigger Wflw when Data changes”… Txt me if someone needs this!