Show all associated actions with an element

When we right click on a workflow item it shows the option to ‘Reveal the element’, similarly should there not be an option to view all associated actions with an element?
In a large and complex application it becomes really confusing, over a period of time, as to what has lead to a certain result, if users can see what all actions were associated with an element that would make life much easier.
Any suggestions?

PS. Sometimes when I look at an old action-result I wonder ‘am I really a genius?’ How on earth did I make that happen… :thinking:

This already exists, the “i” button.


Ha, after building my app over the last year and reaching a high level of proficiency and complexity I just realised this exists to list the associations as well as custom states. Don’t know how I missed that! Ah yes I do, it’s in the same format as the heading and I just glanced over them! Perhaps the better user solution would be to bullet point those association a simple arrow head or numbered listing would make this obvious to new users.

Yes it really is there…
You know what, I never clicked on the i button :roll_eyes:
So it can be easily concluded what a genius I am, having made an entire functional application after struggling for 16 weeks without touching that i button. haha
I think it would have been accomplished in half the time had I used that button.