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Show all hidden elements


For anyone developing multiple pages with a lot of hidden elements that are visible on condition, you must have gotten frustrated from time to time that you need to go through the element tree and show each element on click in the editor or search for it in the elements search box.

Adding a “Show all hidden” button above the element tree would be very helpful, or even more than that, adding a configuration for the editor - “Show all hidden by default”

I believe that could improve the developments speed greatly.



It gets a bit boring clicking through the tree to turn on all the invisible elements :confused:

I use the combination of 2 things when there are a lot of elements in the page.

Search the element → this requires you to have a consistent naming convention. You can use this one Coding Standards For nCubeSoftware - nCubeSoftware Nocode & Lowcode Solutions in Chicago, IL USA

Select the parent group → go to select parent and child


I actually never though of this before but It could be very useful.
I personally use a lot of hidden elements and I know others do as well.

But I could see a downside to this feature.
Say if the current page has a bunch of groups overlapping and when the button is pressed and all elements shown at once It could cause the website to become unresponsive (For people with lower end WiFi or devices) or if you wanted to move one of the groups you would have to still look into the Tree and bring the group to the front.
But If you didn’t have that many elements it could work but then gain its use would be of little use due to not that many things would show.
But overall a good suggestion! If you wanted to you can always head over to the (Bubble Ideaboard)!

happy Building!