Show all in a list but the most recent item

Hi all,

I’m working on a messaging feature and would like to separate out the most recent message from the rest in the thread (so that the reply button is between the most recent message and the whole conversation below).

The sorting a list of things feature is new to me and I’m lost.

I’m able to get the most recent one to hang out on its own, but can’t figure out how to not show it from the full list minus the most recent message below the button.

A few different tries, like this one, don’t do the trick.

One issue I keep seeing as I try different options available is that I don’t know how many messages are in the message thread list. Maybe I need to count them first and then show until X?

Any ideas?

Maybe something like this?


Use the :minus item and search for the most recent message.

Ahh! That worked!

Thank you!!

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