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Show an additional RG everytime data is saved into the RG's data type


I’m trying to replicate the functionality where a user can create a new ‘Group’ of ‘Tasks’ (of which I have both as data types). When the user does so, it shows a new, empty group/section for users to input Tasks. Below I’ve attached a screenshot of this functionality from Asana, where Example Section 1 & 2 represent the ‘Groups’.

How can I achieve this functionality?
Since each Section/Group contain an RG for the list of Tasks, do I need to place these Sections/Groups into a parent RG also and show each Section/Group by an order number (sort parent RG by order number descending)?
Or do I just create X number of these Sections/Groups and make them not visible until they are created (saved into the DB)?

Happy to share a link to my editor. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks