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Show app time, not just date at Last Updated for apps on dashboard

When doing several edits per day working on an app and especially if I clone it one or more time for backup/snapshot reasons during initial rapid prototyping or sprints to add features/fix bugs, I’d like to see more detailed info on the Last updated field on the app card at the dashboard

just the date isn’t enough, would prefer down to second (there is space to show the time [in local timezone])

We’re going th release soon a better version control tool, so maybe that won’t be needed.

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I see time was added, much better now, can confirm that way that my opensource public project clone for CPA is always of later date/time than the private copy of the app (each time I change it I delete the clone and reclone so that the latest source is always published publicly too)

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(switched category to Idea, Implemented)

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