Show button 15min before a date

Hi All,

I have an ‘event’ with a start date/time and I want to show an ‘join’ button 15min before the time.

Having trouble getting it to work.


Hi there, @chad7… if I understand your post correctly, I believe this expression will do the trick (ignore the search for events first item… it was just for my example).

Hope this helps.


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Yes - thats it!

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@mikeloc’s conditional expression is exactly correct…

But just one thing to keep in mind (depending on the UX you’re trying to create)…

The current date/time is set on page load, and does not update in real time…

So, if you compare the event start date to the current date/time, that comparison will only be evaluated when the page loads…

Meaning, if a User loads the page more than 15 minutes prior to the event, the button will not been seen, and if they load the page less than 15 minutes prior to the event it will be seen…

But, if they load the page 16 minutes before the event, and hang around on the page for 3 minutes, the button will not appear (unless they refresh the page)…

If you want the button to appear in real time, you’ll need to update the current date/time every second…

To do that, you can have a group with a content type of Date (or a custom state), and run a workflow every second to display data in that group (or set a state value), that data being the current date time.

Then make your comparisons to that Group’s date (rather than the Current date/time)…

Now the button will appear on the screen the second the current date/time is less than 15 minutes prior to the event start time.


Nice addition - thanks.

Works a treat!

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There’s also a free plugin call something like ‘realtime’ and you can reference the time of this plugin to get the exact time. I’ve used this a few times because of the exact reason @adamhholmes explained.


Excellent! Thank you

The plugin may be a better way to go rather than running a workflow every second?

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The plugin makes it simpler (but it does the exact same thing, just with JS)…

Actually, there are two plugins that do the same:

Current date/time Plugin | Bubble

Current realtime (date/time) Plugin | Bubble