Show datat to a user for approval

Hello !

I need some to finish my project

My apps works likt this :

User A ask publish a project on the global page. User B will apply on the project. When User B will apply, it Will send the video presentation of User B to User A.

Then User A will select wich User B who as apply to his project. He can select them because he see all the video presentation of all the User B who as apply to his project.

After that, the User can make the project of the User A (It’s video project). When User B as finish the videl, he can upload it. When the video is upload, the video is show to the User A, and then he can approve them or not.

It’s on the last part that I need help, I do not understand how to proceed

The data need to appear in the pop up “Contenues”, but it do. not work.

Could you help me ?

You can find my apps here:

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