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Show element at certain time (ET)

Hi- Trying to get an element on a page to only show at/ after 11am ET on the day after the user signs up.

For some reason I’m stuck on this. Any thoughts?

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Can you schedule a workflow to update something on the user that triggers the element to show ?

You could ping off something to Zapier then use the “delay until” to then call a workflow to update something on the user to show the element ?

I thought you couldn’t send data to Bubble via Zapier

@emmanuel do you have any ideas here

It seems like this is simple enough that I woudn’t need an API call, no?

OKay update- I figured out 90% of this. My only remaining question is about time zones. How do I account for the local element of this.

I want the conditional to occur at 11am ET, but the “Current date/time” function is localized, right? So if I’m on PT, this will actually trigger at 2pm ET, right?

That’s what I’m trying to avoid.

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I’ve seen this question in this forum before.
The answer was that you would need to use an external api to be able to have a global time function. Otherwise it would be localized - as you have determined.

If enough people request a global time function, the Bubble staff may incorporate it into Bubble (hint hint bubble staff):grin:.

You can send parameters back in, and use data from the trigger. So you could send userid out, and back in.

I know it seems like overkill, but Zapier already handles timezones. Hence my answer.

@twr2105 Have you managed to work this around Tara?
I m working on a auction website and i also need global time function integrated.

Regards Claudiu