Show Group/Element Based on Geo Location and Club Membership


I can’t quite figure this out, perhaps a guru can help me.

In my app, users can be a member of a club (or many clubs) and each club has a geographical location. I would like to show/hide certain elements/groups when the i) current user is within x miles of club address AND ii) current user is a member of this club.

In my data, under data type “User”, I have a field called “Clubs”, which is a “List of Clubs” - Every club user is a member of.

Sidenote - In my app, users can join groups but I’m using the word club as it gets confusing in this case.

Thanks in advance fro your help.

I think you can do this by having a condition on the search for clubs, so that it only contains a list where club “is in” the User’s List of Clubs.

And then filter that list so it only shows clubs that are within x miles of Current Geo Position.

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