Show/hide element in repeating group

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I’m using ChatGPT API that does not support streaming in my use-case. I want to show that there is a loading function in the repeating group. I can get it to show outside the group, but when I have a group within a repeating group, I am unable to select it in the workflow using hide/show.

Any suggestions to get this working?

@mattdaniell91 in that case I’d suggest creating a reusable element to use inside the repeating group.

This reusable can contain the whole group that one row of the repeating group should show or only this loading element.

than you can use the reusable parameters to set the show/hide

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When working with reusable elements inside of a repeating group, it is exactly the same issue as when working with normal elements in the repeating group, which is, from outside of the repeating group you can not trigger actions inside of the repeating group.

If you attempted to use a reusable element in this way and from outside of the repeating group tried to use the ‘trigger custom workflow from a reusable element’ only the first reusable element in the RG will have the workflow trigger or ALL the reusable elements in the RG will trigger.

You also have no ability to run actions to set the parameters of a reusable element.

To properly solve this problem, you need to be able to from outside of the RG trigger an action inside of a specific cell of the RG…best way to do that is to use the free plugin Orchestra which was built specifically to allow users to trigger workflow actions inside of an RG from outside of the RG, and to boot, it offers the ability to trigger it in ALL cells, a list of specified cells, or a single specified cell.

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