Show / Hide group logic

I’m probably thinking about this the wrong way, but I am working on a single page app. When a user clicks on the add product page, I am trying to check the db to see if a user has updated his location. If yes, show the user to the “add product” group. If not, the user is shown the “edit profile” profile group to update his profile.

I use custom states to update the states.

I have been able to show the “edit profile group” when the user has not updated his location, but I cannot seem to show the “add product” group when the location is updated. Any clue will be appreciated.

How? What is the conditional logic used to do so? Show some screenshots would be best

Probably make the conditional logic the opposite of what you have for the location.

If your location logic is a conditional such as ‘when location is not updated, show edit profile group’ create the opposite conditional ‘when location is updated, show add product’

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Thanks. Got it.