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Show [item]...After dynamic background image is loaded?


I have a page that uses a dynamic background image (I have different small size images). There is also text and other elements that I don’t want showing until the background image is loaded. Is there a way to do that?

help appreciated!

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I have exactly the same question. I have a login screen with a group loading a background image, and a overlay group with the login form that slides in. Offer this overlay group is already present before the background image is loaded. But I only want it to show when background image is loaded.

After refresh it does work. Some caching I suppose?

Any thoughts anyone?

Same here, or is there any way to pre-load the background image so that the screen doesn’t go blank for that short gap of time where the background image is loading?

Makes it difficult to have an impactful landing page if the page goes white for half a second the first time the image transitions!

Anyone out there who knows whether there’s a solution to this? Have looked in forum and can’t see anything

Well a not so perfect, yet still helpful solution is to set the background color to a color other than white when image isn’t loaded…this is an option when setting the background URL.

Another thing I’ve done in the past is use a pop up that cannot be closed using ESC. This pop up is visible on page load and typically is just the company or app logo. It’s the same color as the one you choose when the image isn’t loaded and the gray out color is the same.

On page load, show this pop up first. Then you can either add a pause before the next step, or create a new workflow that is triggered when “a condition is true” —> then search for “page is loaded (entire) —> workflow step = hide pop up “loading”