Show items (i.e. user) age in Repeating Group

I use the ‘Birthday to Age’-plugin for my app to convert the items birthdate to current age.
However, I also want this to work in a repeating group. How do I do this? I manage to make it work when I do a search for a specific item outside of the repeating group, but I don’t understand how I can connect it to the current cell. Is it easier to do without the plugin?

Hi there, @jacob.franss… if it was me, I wouldn’t use a plugin. You can put an expression similar to the one in this post in a text element in the repeating group to get a user’s age. Here is what the expression might look like…


Hope this helps.


Thank you for your answer.

I still don’t get how you get the minus symbol as well as the parenthesis symbol in the expression? It does not work for me.

Also, does this take gap years into consideration?

You shouldn’t need the parentheses, but you can get them to appear by enabling the experimental parentheses feature. I don’t know why you can’t get the minus operator, but it appears as an option in the dropdown as you build the expression… and yes, the expression should take gap years into consideration. If it’s not working for you, consider sharing some screenshots of what you are doing.