Show items which are included in another table


i have 2 tables - “Server messages” and “Registered servers”.
And i need to show only these messages, which come from servers included in registered servers.

Server messages
Server01 — ok
Server02 — bad
Server03 — ok
Registered servers

User will see only: Server02 — bad
(because Server02 is in registered table)

Please, im struggling with it for a long time, do you know, how to do that?

Thank you so much.

Michal Stoklasa

so Michal, you can do the following:
here i consider that you have already created a database for servers

  1. create an option set “server type”
  2. add options: 1. registered and 2. unregistered
  3. create a field “server type” in server database and give field type “server type”(the option set you just created)
  4. assign value to each server(e.g. registered or unregistered)
  5. now to show server message to user: do a search for servers and add a constraint “server type = registered”
    6.and here you will get server02 because it is a registered server

you can repeat the above steps for server messages if messages can have some fixed values.
try this.
i think it should work for you.