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"Show more" button or Auto-Scroll - Performance question

Hi gents,

Short question - what is better for performance, speed, and lower capacity usage - to let users auto scroll to bottom in Repeating Group and display new items from RF or to have button “Show more” where I can limit next number of things shown in Repeating group?

Connected question - when I auto scroll - do you know how many items from the list bubble fetches automatically - 20-30?

Thank you!

Hi Marko,

It depends on a lot of factors like the size of your database, the size and content of the objects you’re loading, if you’re showing a list of items from a data object that’s already loaded to your page or using a “do search for”.

Here’s a response I got from Bubble’s support team with regards to lazy loading and efficiency:

"Jason here, from the Tier 2 App Design team, stepping in for Lucena.

If the repeating group does not have the “Show all items immediately” property checked, it will not load all results that match the search constraint in the client until it is required to be displayed. Bubble handles lazy loading by allowing users to create a vertical scrolling repeating group.

Here is a link to a video tutorial that shows how to create one:

If you have not already, I would also recommend reading these two sections of your manual for additional information about repeating groups:

Hope this information helps, let us know if you have any other questions."

“If a chat’s messages are stored in a field of the ‘Chat’ data type that is a list of things, then Bubble will load the entire list when that ‘Chat’ is loaded. Storing a list of database things on another thing has a hard limit of 10,000 records. Note that long lists can start to affect performance at a lower number, depending on how much data the records are holding and what kind of processing you apply. In many cases, using Do a search for instead of storing long lists will be more efficient.”

Hope this helps a little!


Hi Dillon,

Thank you for the feedback.

I’m using a Do a search for function, yes, and it’s searching for all Items that users posted. So basically, my question in reality is - is it faster that RG loads on scroll or that it loads only when I click on Show more. Does it pre-load next 20 items when it’s doing auto scroll or not?

Thank you for the help.

You’re welcome!

My understanding, based on Bubble supports response, is that Bubble’s pre-loading the next set of items as the user is scrolling. It’s very quick as long as you aren’t doing some advanced filtering client side. This will force Bubble to download the whole search result to the user’s browser at once and slow things down.

Bubble is also creating a Websocket so if items in that search change or fields of an item are modified, it’ll update in the repeating group automatically.

At one point I jumped down reverse engineering the pre-fetch model and realized I was over engineering it. But if you’d like to dive down the rabbit hole, here’s a forum post for it: Pre-Fetch Forum Post

I follow the mantra “all user input is error”. Generally the less a user has to touch your app, the more natural/intuitive it’ll feel to use. So I’d generally avoid adding the extra button presses.

Hope this clears things up!

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Thank you Dilon, yes this does help a lot, thank you for very detailed feedback!

I’ll do like this and follow the feedback, thanks!