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Show more data in Autocomplete dropdown

Would be great to have a way to show more data (than just the field to search value) in the autocomplete dropdown search.

E.g when searching for other users on the app it would be great if I could show a small version of the users profile image and maybe on more value, such as “City”, “Company/Team” or an icon if it´s a “friend” or not. This way it would be possible to know which of the user is actually the one I´m looking for. You don´t need a very big database until users/events/objects with the same search value.

Is this doable?

Right now you can’t do this. I’ll put that on our list.


Is this still on your list?

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upvote this. this would be helpful for me when users are searching for a site location that will have similar names and we need additional data to make the right selection (e.g. think 5 starbucks in 5 block radius in NY… you want to be able to search starbucks and then be able to see a dropdown that shows each starbacks nearby with their address details next to them so you can select the right one).

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