Show multiple URLs as image

Hi there!

I’m using the multi-file uploader plugin to let my clients upload files to a project.

However, I want to show these files on the project page but if they upload multiple files, it can’t be shown within an image-element. Also when uploading multiple files, all the URLs gets stacked inside 1 field which makes it more complicated, right?

Please help. Thanks.

Repeating group, then inside the cell you do the Image element

I tried that. But the problem is that when a client uploads more than 1 file, the URLs gets “stacked” in the same field

Then you’re doing something wrong…

How are your saving the image URLs?

When you say stacked, you mean you have the URLs in a list field? They would show up in the Data tap separated by commas

I managed to change the field type to list, but the urls looks a bit wierd right?

Skärmavbild 2023-04-23 kl. 09.55.10

Yes my bad. Changed to list type but still can’t manage to show them…

Seems like it’s missing https: in front of each URL, can you prepend that on each one? Not sure why it is doing that I remember seeing someone else had the same issue…

Are you saving them as texts instead of images?

I managed to add https: before the url, but when there is multiple URLs, only the first link gets https…

I save them as “files”

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