Show Next Delivery Date

I am trying to do basically what Shopify does where on your account page you can see your next delivery date. Deliveries are done monthly, weekly, or bi-monthly. I would also like to create the option to skip the next delivery. I already have it set up so that clicking “skip delivery” emails the admin of the change but I’d like it to also change the user’s next date of delivery both on the backend and on their account page. Thanks!

There are loads of ways you could do this, but to suggest some it would be useful to know how you hold and show that information in your database.

Thanks richard10. So currently I only have it set up to show frequency (as an option- I did just add a new attribute that lists 7, 14, and 30 under days but I don’t know that that actually helps). Do these screen shots answer your question? Thank you!!

Ok cool that’s pretty simple.
You already have the date of next delivery.
If you put a workflow behind whatever control pushes the “skip next delivery” button, you can have some actions to update the user

Set the next delivery date to be delivery date + days (number from your frequency setting)

If the frequency is just a text, set up 3 actions like

Delivery date = delivery date + days 7
Only when frequency is weekly

Etc. Only one of the conditions will be met so only one will fall true and make the data edit

This is super helpful! I think I got it! Thank you!

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