Show only certain entries from database

Hello there,

I would like to filter my database entries to be or not to be shown on my website. For this, I have created an attribute called “shown” which has “yes”/“no” as input field. When I set this to be “no” I don’t want the current entry to be shown and vice versa. I implemented the filtering in the repeating group’s search in the following way:

but this approach does not filter out any of the entries for a reason I do not understand. Could you help me solve this problem?

Can you tell me what happens in the preview with that current setup?
Are the entries with shown = “no” still appearing in the list?

Yes, zero entries are shown.

Okay, and in your database of companies, do some of the companies have their “shown” field set to yes?

Yes, all of them is “yes” except of two entries.

Hi there,… to complement the paths that @yaggienick is going down, do you have any privacy rules in place on the Company data type? Privacy rules are often the culprit in cases like this one where something looks like it should be working but isn’t.


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Yep, as @mikeloc was saying, the next step is to take a look at your Privacy tab. See if the Company data type has any rules applied that may be hiding your results on the page.


@mikeloc, @yaggienick thank you for this remark, that was the source of my problem. Now it works properly. Thank you very much for the quick help!