Show only the first thing found in a repeating group

Hi. For example, in my database there are 13 drivers, 2 teachers and 5 managers.
In a repeating group. I want to show just the first thing found in each profession.
My fronted would be like:

John - Driver
Maria - Teacher
Paul - Manager

How to achieve this? Thanks for the help.

Is Profession its own data type, or option set?

Have a repeating group list those professions, then inside the cell have a group searching for Users with the constraint Profession = Current cell’s Profession, then after the search do :first item

Your sorting will effect which user is found first and displayed in the cell

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I am using the personal plan. And the fields “name” and profession are data types.

So i have to Put a repeating group inside another repeating group cell’s?

I really appreciate your help. I will try this. Thank you.