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Show Pagination Itens from a Repeating Group in a MAP


I have a repeating group with a fixed number of 5 cells, and a pagination.

I also have a map besides it.

what i want to do is to show on that map only the 5 itens per page from my repeating group.

but atm moment it only shows the whole list.

Can anyone please help me? I’ve tried many things and nothing seems to be able to do what i need.

thank you very much for any help.

some pictures to make it clearer.

How are you paginating your RG?

use the :items until # operator (enter 5) in your map marker data source :slight_smile:

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using a plugin and some custom states

But that only shows the first 5 hehe… i need it to change as i change pages :frowning:

I would suggest limiting your map marker source in a similar manner you control what’s in the RG.

Listshifter would be handy for this!

i’ve been trying to… but i can’t find a way to make the source to the map the same source to the repeating group, as when i change the itens shown in the repeating group it would also change for the ones shown in the map.

you think list shiftert would do it?

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Using option sets might be the best way to approach this. Based on which group of five you are viewing you can set some option set list to have those five groups, and then display those in the map

It won’t be a magic bullet and it would take some setup to make it work. Also this might depend on the map you are using I think.

With use of Google Maps it should be easy. Just set you datasource to your repeating group

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 12.38.10 PM

This is how I have it setup in an App of mine and from looking at it, seems to be all I needed.

If you are doing this on a map through the leafy map plugin, you have to run the workflows to set a list of markers when you paginate. I had setup my app to do this before the leafy maps plugin made it possible to add a list of markers, and at that time it was only possible to add a single marker at a time and I had to use the list shifter element to iterate over the list and add each marker individually…it worked fine, but now the leafy maps has the helpful add list of markers which means I don’t need to use list shifter anymore.

I have done all three approaches in the app…one with Google Maps and two with Leafy, one with List Shifter iterating and one with just the list of markers function.

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I’m using google maps, i have it setup as you said just to the repeating group but it brings me all the itens instead only those displayed plus i wound need to change as i chanfge pages.

How is your repeating group datasource setup?

What i did right now is… i created 3 inputs… one is for the page, one the minimum and another the maximum value…


then i have my map data source like this

It let’s me change pages and it shows on the map, but it apparently works for the first and last page… the second and other it shows itens that are not on the repeating group list patge atm.

page 1 is fine

Page 2 showing itens that is not on the repeating group page yet eventhough the page is correct on the input

then page 3 seems to add more itens

so right now, i’m trying to fix it

You might want to try using the list shifter plugin on this then. My first use of the list shifter plugin was for it’s pagination functions…makes pagination super simple. You can also use the list shifter element as your datasource on the map, so just might be a decent solution to look into if you don’t have success in fixing the issues you have with the current setup.

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