Show pdf for users

Hello friends, I would like to know how I can upload pdf files in a folder on the local server to a host and that the application show me the pdf when the user enters their identification number?

What is the use case? Why not use the file uploader element have the user upload their file, create a data type called “file” and add a file field which is type “file” to the file data type, now add some hiding rules on the page when the user enters their identification member pass this to a custom state on the page that says “member authenticated yes or no = yes” for example

You can use a download plugin built by Airdev to download the file

Also, you can add a files field under the user and save the file to the user so you can reference the file dynamically as follows

Current User’s file

thanks for your answer friend the problem is that the receptionist is the one that generates the file uploads them to the local server and the idea is that it synchronizes with the web application so that when the user enters they can search for it by identification number Thank you

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