Show popup element inside a reusable popup not working

Is it possible to show a nested popup inside a reusable popup?

My use case is:
I have a popup I use to edit a database thing. When I click a “Delete” button I show another popup to confirm the operation. Everything working fine until here.

But I’m now trying to convert this edit popup into a reusable element in order to replicate it into multiple pages.
The problem is that now the second confirmation popup is not showing up.

The workflow is like this:

But running into the debugger, the element is returning a strange “null” as below:

Any suggestions on this?

I’m fairly certain you can’t nest a popup in a popup, but I’ve never tried.

But there are two other possibilities:

  1. Rather than putting the popup as a reusable element. Put the button or whatever that triggers the first popup as the reusable element and then have your two popups in that reusable element. I do this

  2. You could probably mess around with states, where you have a state on the first popup that changes once once they hit delete and that allows you to trigger the second - but I feel like this is going to be messier to set up

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Hi @josh24 , thanks for your quick response!

Unfortunatelly I cannot do that because one of the edit event is triggered by a calendar plugin, the other one is triggered by a icon button :frowning:

At the ended up workaround this issue showing a Floating Group occupying and graying the entire popup area and having the confirmation message and buttons within it. And it’s even better than the nested popup, because I don’t have to hide the first popup when showing the second one as in the original solution. The only important thing is that I have to check the option “This popup can’t be closed by pressing ‘Esc’” to avoid unexpected behaviour when the user clicks outside the first popup. But it’s working pretty well for me now.

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I use nested popups all the time in pages and reusable elements. Nothing special behing that, the issue here is that did an update and the nested popups stop working. At least on my end. Let me know if you found a work around. Already submitted this bug waiting on a replay from bubble.

Found the issue don’t use this new future since it will break the z order of the popups.