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Show popup on dashboard after login?

My question is simple, In my website when the user logged in they will navigate to other page and popup currently i used page parametes but everytime I load the page the popup apeears.
I hope there must be a solution for it.

What is the question? (solution to what?)

I have an education website in which when user logged in they will navigate to other page and the popup appear but I have to show popup only one time after login. But whenever I refresh the page popup appears again. Currently I used page parameters to show popoup.

So how are you determining whether a user has already seen the popup or not?

I did’nt determine anything because I have to show that popup whenever the user logged in.

You just said you only want to show it once?

Otherwise, what’s the problem?

They aren’t. :slight_smile:

@munindersingh68… one way you can go is to have a field (yes/no, default to no) on the User data type, and set the field to yes when the user sees the popup the first time. Then, make sure your workflow that shows the popup is set up to only show it when the user’s field is set to no, and you should be good to go.

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The problem is that whenever I refresh the page the popup appears I don’t want to appear the popup on refresh. I only want to show when user logged in.

Well then you need to store a value somewhere to determine whether a user has seen it or not.

As @mikeloc says, the easiest way to do that is store a yes/no value on the User datatype in your database, then only show the popup if that value is no.

Oh, wait… we’ve been down this road before. Well, at least I am consistent with my suggestions.

Thanks @mikeloc earlier my problem was solve by using page parameters.

my problem was solve by using page parameters.

isn’t this the same problem?