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Hello ,

I am making a marketplace app with buyers and sellers. I have a repeating group where you see the list of products of sellers. Now i want to show for example profile image and nickname of the seller of that particular product, but somehow it does not work, the needed details are not shown. This is mine datatypes:

And this is my details of the seller that i want to show:


How can i solve this?

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Hi there,

Your database structure and datafields you are accessing look correct.

When you say it’s not working - do you have any more detail? Are you seeing a white space where the image should be?

Have your product creators actually got a profile image set?

Finally, have you got any Privacy rules interfering and preventing someone from seeing the image data?


Hi there,

You do not see anything at all. I have a picture of the design and i picture of how it looks like live:

this are the data’s :

now is see that the user does not have a image, however i uploaded it twice. And not only the image is invisble but also the nickname etc. I hope i have give more details!

From what it looks like there, the user just needs an image uploaded. Wait for it to fully load the image when uploading manually in the database and then click save.

Click the pencil icon next to the user to edit it.

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