Show records in RG that have similar data

I am trying to build utility page to display list of contacts where last name and DOB are the same to highlight possible duplicates. I realise that we can use grouping aggregate but this only works on 1 field and then we lose ability to display the remaining fields for review/match.

Is there another way of doing this?

Hi @eric.schwantler,

How about something like this?

Start with an RG that has your grouping, narrowing the search as much as possible (add more constraints if you can) to keep results narrow:

And group by dob and last name

Then have a nested RG that pulls in the detailed records:

Which gives you:

You’ll see that I’ve used a DOB as a text field just to simplify this topic. If you have DOB’s as a date, you’ll have to address that a bit differently – this thread might help if you haven’t already figured that out.


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