Show repeating group when card is clicked

I have a repeating group that when the user clicks on the card of that repeating group, it shows another repeating group below that brings the information related to the first repeating group. The way I had done it before (because I knew what themes were saved in the database) was like this:
The condition that is associated with the state I created on the FAQ2 page.
There it says that when the theme is “1. First Steps”, it will search the database for the data that contains that theme. But what I wanted to do now is, when the user clicks on the card that has, for example: First Steps or Help, it shows the repeater group that contains this information. But I can’t leave it as I did because the user is the one who will register this information in the database, so there’s no way for me to know what each theme will be called. How can I resolve this?

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