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Show RG based on clicked marker (LeafyMap)

Hi folks!

I am trying to show pictures inside a RG based on clicked markers → if I click one marker I see pictures related to that location, if I click on a different marker I see different pictures.

I created a workflow where the marker’s coordinates are saved into the DB, so to link the picture to the marker itself.

I then set up the RG as below, but on Preview the RG doesn’t update when I click on different markers (to which different pictures are associated).

I am using LeafyMap.

Does anyone have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

cc @vini_brito

When you are clicking different markers do the values of Leafymap A’s marker’s latitude and longitude change?

Trying to isolate the root cause for the issue may help to find a solution.

If those values are updating, then you may want to run a workflow action to reset the repeating groups datasource with a new search.

Alternatively you could use either a custom state or a plugin that allows you to keep lists on the page…do a search of the pictures and keep them in there…then your RG would have datasource referencing either the custom state list or plugin element and filter by the Leafymap A’s markers latitude and longitude. This way, you wouldn’t do multiple searches.

But, from your setup, it seems like there is a chance the Leafy Maps Marker values are not changing when you click.

Where do I check it from @boston85719 ?

From the DB I can see that there are mainly 2 different locations (the ones I have used for testing).

In the debugger, though, none of the values change if I hoover/ click on the two markers.

Thank you

Just dropping this here because it seems similar to what you want to do :blush: :wink:

This example works just fine filtering for anything:
Run mode:

Edit mode: pdf-conjurer-testbed | Bubble Editor


I put text elements onto the page so I can visualize the data.

This is another way to check the values. If they are empty in the debugger it may indicate an issue. However, I don’t always rely on debugger, as mentioned I put text elements to visualize the data.

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Thank you @boston85719 and @vini_brito for getting back to me, but I think I am failing :roll_eyes:

I have copied Vini’s states and workflows 1:1 on my application, focusing on steps 1 and 2 (screenshot is about Vini’s workflows).

I have also added the same text and custom states on my page:

But when I click on a marker, nothing really changes:

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

You are setting the state for the wrong element.

In your screen shot you show the Text Element is set to display the custom State Value from Text B


your workflow shows you are setting the custom state value of Text D

That was a screenshot from @vini_brito’s app.

Below is my app’s workflow, that matches the right text (Text B - I have Text B and Text W in my editor)

Okay, after some changes I can see the text element at the top changing when i click on different markers. Issue 1 solved!

I’ll do some more testing with the RG now.

Thanks guys!

This is where I am right now.

I’ve created a RG that looks for Post-content:

Inside the RG, I have added image elements as what needs to be shown is a Post-image (which is a field of my Post-content database thing):

What I am missing now is to pick only Post-content where the latitude and longitude values stored in the database match the marker’s clicked lat/long.

Plus I have this workflow:

Tried looking at videos and reading forum threads, but here I am stuck @vini_brito and @boston85719 - if you have any suggestion/ guidance that’d be super appreciated!

hi @vini_brito - nada, I am not able to replicate the same functionality on my app, whereby clicking on a marker the RG shows the needed images…

Is this ‘:filtered’ the key to show the right images? (below a screenshot from your workflow)

When I click on ‘:filtered’ in my workflow I can’t set the ‘unique ID’ element, it automatically shows me this:

Is this what I am doing wrong?

Hi @vini_brito - happy Monday!

Just wanted to ask if you have any guidance on this. I am stuck and can’t move forward in any way… appreciate your help. Francesco

My latest try was to match the Search Box’s coordinates (which I use to add the marker and that I store in the DB) to the LeafyMap’s clicked map coordinates lat/ lon - but with no luck @vini_brito

Step 1: Save coordinates to the DB and connected to the thing I show in the RG.

Step 2: only show posts where the post’s coordinates match the clicked map’s coordinates.

But nothing. It’s the last thing I need to launch this app :frowning:

hi @boston85719 - would you have any suggestions on how to fix this? I am not able to figure this out… It’s probably something as easy as fixing some custom states, but I haven’t been able to find a solution so far… Thanks in advance!

This is something we could take a look at during a private training session.

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Hey @fellowdroner :wave:

It looks like, from your original image, you are trying to display a list of images inside one cell of a repeating group. I’m a little confused about what your end result needs to be. You might be overcomplicating it. I’m not sure without looking at the app.

I think you might need to share your application with ‘view only’ access so we can take a look at it for you. Otherwise, a coaching session would probably be your best bet.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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So, I am trying to figure out what is going on. When you click on a marker, this is why nothing is showing up in the repeating group. Check out what you are searching by:

I hope that gives a little insight to why it wasn’t working that way. :blush:

@J805 I ended up switching to the What3words plugin instead and was able to get it up and running in one day. Thanks a lot though for looking into this!!

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@fellowdroner Glad you got it working! :raised_hands:

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