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Show text when checkbox w/ text is hovered

I have a list of checkboxes with text. I’m trying to find a way to show definitions (a data type) as a popup for that text when it is hovered. How can this be done?

Assuming that you have a repeating group with for your checkboxes, you can pass that the thing from the current cell to the popup:

Set the “Type of content” property of your popup to the type of thing that you display in your checkboxes.

Set the text field in this popup to use the parents thing.

Create a new workflow, triggered by mouse hover.

Go to Element Actions -> Display Data under Group.

Add an action: Set it to display the thing shown in your current cell.

Add an action: show the popup.

I’m not using a repeating group for the checkboxes. How would you recommend doing it that way?

You have to create a “thing” that represents the data you want to show. In your case I guess the text on the checkbox and the definition. Your list of checkboxes should be replaced by a repeating group that has your new things as data. In each cell you put a checkbox with the text and another text field that can be shown on mouse over (or just one real pop-up but you will not be able to place that next to the checkbox).

Thank you.